Import clauses

Import clauses
An import clause has the form import p.X where the import expression X determines a set of names of members of p which are made available without qualification.
import p._	// all members of p (this is analogous to import p.* in Java).
import p.x	// the member x of p.
import p.{x => a}	// the member x of p renamed as a.
import p.{x, y}	// the members x and y of p.
import p1.p2.z	// the member z of p2, itself member of p1.
Furthermore, the clause import p1._, p2._ is a shorthand for import p1._; import p2._. Implicitly imported into every compilation unit are, in that order:
  • the package java.lang,
  • the package scala,
  • and the object scala.Predef.
Members of a later import in that order hide members of an earlier import.

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