Consider following snippet:
     <input type="text" size="7"/>
What does specifies the size attribute?
The size attribute specifies the visible width, in characters,
of an <input> element.
the size attribute works with the following input types:
text, search, tel, url, e-mail, and password.
to specify the maximum number of characters
allowed in the <input> element, use the maxlength attribute.

@Vadim_Klimets Fixed!

2017 May 18, 12:54:09 AM

Uncertain question. The "size" attribute for <input/> specifies the width of the single text input field in sequential characters.

2017 May 2, 1:02:27 PM

not clear enough. maxlength attr specifies max chars. size specify chars (not maximum)

2015 Jun 10, 8:53:09 PM

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