Consider following code snippet:
$a = 3;
$b = '3';
if ($a === $b)
     echo '$a equals $b';
     else echo '$a not equals $b';
What will be the result after executing the code above?
'===' compares value and type.
'$a not equals $b' - variable interpolation is not performed within single quotes .

@Vadim_Klimets yeah! wrong letter

2017 Dec 6, 1:29:33 PM

//Fix it! Code does not execute! <?php $a = 3; $b = '3'; if ($a === $b) echo '$a equals $b'; else echo '$a not equals $b'; //Fixed! Cyrillic letter 'с' changed to latin 'c' in word 'echo'. ?>

2017 Jul 6, 1:31:06 PM

Thanks, @broganov18! Fixed :)

2016 Mar 1, 9:37:24 PM

Quotes are single. Not double. This is wrong answer.

2016 Feb 25, 12:46:48 PM

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