Why to use CodeGalaxy?

Read a graphic story about how CodeGalaxy helps Cosmo to learn programming and technologies.

Hi! It is Cosmo and Dogo

Hi! Meet Cosmo and Dogo.

Cosmo continually wants to learn new things about programming languages and technologies.


Ain't no time to learn!

Cosmo is busy a coding astronaut with a lot of duties working for the good of the Galaxy. He doesn’t have a lot of free time to learn programming.

Hi! It is Cosmo and Dogo

What options Cosmo has?

Coursera, Udemy, Ed-X, Codecadamy, etc. - are great tools, but takes too much time! (7-10 hours per week).


How to improve the situation?

How can Cosmo learn to code better in short periods? Learn while having a break, waiting for a multi-universe bus or when he just bored and has a few minutes.

Hi! It is Cosmo and Dogo

Cosmo found the solution!

When Cosmo has spare minutes - he teleports to CodeGalaxy.io with his laptop or mobile phone. 5-10 minutes is enough to learn something new in technologies.


Your Gravity grows when you share!

Cosmo shares his knowledge and gains Gravity back. When he gets enough of it, he can learn programming completely for free!

Hi! It is Cosmo and Dogo

CodeGalaxy developers community.

The more Cosmo contributes to courses and shares his knowledge - he gets back not only Gravity. But even more critical - new things to learn, added by programmers community of the CodeGalaxy universe.

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